Hollywood Icon Shirley Temple Black is Dead

Waif in 'Little Miss Marker,' 1934. (Paramount Productions, Inc.) via Shilrleytemple.com
Waif in ‘Little Miss Marker,’ 1934.
(Paramount Productions, Inc.) via Shilrleytemple.com

“America’s Little Darling” Shirley Temple Black died last night at the age of 85. Temple Black began acting at the age of 3 and quickly became a household name and drew massive box-office success through the age of 16. The young star who famously tap danced and sang, was the top box-office star four years in a row from 1935-1938 and commanded an unprecedented salary for the time. Her iconic curls became a staple for young American girls who also purchased itemes like Shirley Temple dolls, hats, and even dresses. Although her popularity faded through her teen years, Temple retired from acting at age 22 and married the filmmaker Charles Black. The star took a much-different route than many child stars by becoming a foreign diplomat to Ghana. Temple battled and beat breast cancer in the early 1970s, but an official statement from her publicist says the star died of natural causes. A remembrance guest book is online at shirleytemple.com.

Let’s relive some of our Temple Black moments after the jump including her first movie War Babies


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