Hong Kong Wins Gay Games 2022 Bid

Hong Kong beat out Washington D.C. and Guadalajara, Mexico to host the 2022 Gay Games. Hong Kong will become the first Asian city to host the world’s largest LGBT+ sports and cultural event in November 2022, expected to attract over 15,000 participants and a HK$1billion (€108 million) boost to the economy.

Hong Kong was chosen by The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and announced by Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, at a Gala Reception in Paris on Monday following a final pitch by each city. The Hong Kong bid team successfully passed a site visit to the city in June 2017 and clinched the final judging round based on the city’s world class sporting infrastructure, support across Asia as a regional host and evidence of growing diversity and inclusion in the city.

Bid Chair Dennis Philipse had linked Hong Kong’s bid success to Hong Kong’s strong commitment to diversity and Hong Kong’s world class status since he founded the Hong Kong Bid Team back in 2014. “This is testament to Hong Kong’s spirit and passion for increased inclusion and diversity; bringing the Gay Games to Asia and Hong Kong as host proves the growth in openness in the city and across the region” he said after the final presentation. He added “This wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous support from our team and partners, and of course the competing teams from Washington DC and Guadalajara for their strong bids, encouraging us to work harder to win it for Asia.”

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