Horror Movie Monster ‘The Babadook’ Has Become a Queer Icon According to the Internet

The Internet has inexplicably made indie movie monster The Babadook a queer icon and unofficial Pride mascot.

The 2014 film about a boogieman from a children’s book that haunts a single mother and her son had become the “scariest must-see” of that year. When the movie finally hit Netflix it was accidentally categorized as an LGBT film for a brief time and of course the Internet took a screenshot and ran with it.

In the last few weeks gay Tumblr, gay Twitter, and gay everything else has jumped on the meme bandwagon. I’m up for all kinds of representation in all genres so why not The Babadook? Here are some of the most fun and creative:

I'm Babashook.

Posted by Adam Ellis on Thursday, June 8, 2017


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