Hot Apache Helicopter Pilots’ West Point Wedding Story Sweeps the World

‘Our wedding day meant so much to us, in many ways it was the culmination of many previous groundbreakers, far more influential than we are.’

Helicopter Pilots Daniel Hall and Vincent Franchino found love in the military with each other, and there was no more appropriate place to tie the knot than at prestigious military academy West Point. They became the first active-duty service members to marry at the traditionally conservative school.

The two met way back in 2009, but sadly did not go on a date until 2012 after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“We were completely professional in the beginning because we were separated by class years and rank,” Cpt Hall told The Independent.  “It was only later when we both realized the other was gay that the attraction grew.

“Our wedding ceremony meant to much to us – in many ways it was the culmination of so many previous groundbreakers far more influential than we are. My friend Larry Lennox-Choate, who was one half of the first male gay couple to marry at the Chapel [Lennox and Choate were both civilians at the time they married] put it best in a congratulatory status saying that ‘breaking glass ceilings means nothing if others don’t follow’.

“I think that’s what is beautiful about our story.”

Photo by Jennifer Marsh

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