‘How to Survive a Plague’ to be Made into an ABC Miniseries

Screen Shot via YouTube.

Screen Shot via YouTube., HHdsf

If you haven’t seen the Academy Award–nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague (which was robbed of the Best Documentary award) quickly log on to Netflix or iTunes and get the tissue box ready. The documentary that follows the hysteria, fear, and response to the AIDS crisis, ultimately leading to the formation of ACT UP and TAG, is now set to become a miniseries on ABC. “We know we’d like [the miniseries] to be an extended story that’s not just about AIDS and what AIDS wrought, but about this tremendous civil-rights movement that grew from the ashes of AIDS, and the dawn of the LGBT movement,” says Filmmaker David France. “People got a sense from the doc that many of the activists were soldiers drafted into a war that perhaps they were not ready to fight but that they had trained themselves for…We really want to show a wide audience how that happened,” adds Producer Howard Gertler. [QT]

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