Hugo Weaving on Priscilla, Travel, and Kate Winslet

THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN of The Desert put actor Hugo Weaving on the map, and not just in Australia’s outback where the 1994 drag queen dramedy took place. Between its colorful costumes, ABBA tunes, supporting turns by Guy Pearce as a petulant drag rookie, Terrence Stamp as a jaded transsexual, and a profound emotional wallop from Weaving’s starring role as a flamboyant bisexual reunited with his estranged, young son, the movie spawned a Broadway musical and earned bona fide LGBT classic status. Over 20 years later, Weaving again donned frocks as a cross-dressing, small-town police sergeant in the darkly comic Australian revenge tale, The Dressmaker. Released in September 2016, the film stars Kate Winslet as a seamstress who returns to her dusty outback hometown after being banished at the age of ten for supposedly murdering another child.

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