Icelandair Promotes Free Layovers with Epic Video

Screencap via YouTube.

Screencap via YouTube.

For a few years, Icelandair has offered a 48-hour “stopover” in Iceland free of charge for US passengers continuing on to Europe. In a new two-minute video, Icelandair surprises Kat, a photographer from Seattle who is traveling to London, with an epic 48-hour stopover as she embarks on her own surprise journey around Iceland reconnecting with her love of food. Once she recovers from the initial shock of her welcome, Kat is taken on a gastronomical journey. From cooking organic lamb and rye bread in a geothermal hot spring, to picking wild crowberries and brambleberries, to relaxing in a secret geothermal lagoon, Kat has the time of her life and is forever changed by her trip.

From now until the end of the year, Icelandair plans on surprising more people arriving in Keflavik Airport. You can nominate someone by clicking here.

Watch Kat’s video after the jump…


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