Illinois Governor Weds Gay Couple to the Ire of State Republicans

While Illinois Governor Rauner is getting cheers from LGBT groups, he’s also feeling the wrath of those in the Republican party weeks after he officiated a same-sex wedding.

“We are elated that Governor Rauner was able to officiate our wedding. He and his wife Diana are great friends of ours and wonderful people,” Mark Cozzi and James Goeke told the Tribune in a statement. “Our core values embody what they seem to advocate,” the couple’s statement continued. “We got married, are starting a family and are actively involved in the community as well as philanthropy. We are bewildered why certain groups take offense at two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. We look forward to the fast-approaching day that this is not an issue.”

The Republican governor officiated the wedding at a private club in Chicago and the grooms were overjoyed by the supportive gesture. Cozzi had previously worked with the governor in 2017 and was appointed by him to the Illinois State Board of Investment.

The trouble began when the couple posted a picture of the governor on their Instagram. The picture didn’t go unnoticed. It was picked up by the conservative website the Illinois Review.

“This is just reminding people that he does have a social agenda, and it’s not conservative, it’s not Republican, and it’s certainly not pro-life,” said Illinois Family Institute executive director David E. Smith. “This is just another reminder of how much damage he has done to the Republican brand and its policy goals.”

While the governor has kept a low profile concerning gay and lesbian issues, he did show his support for the community in June when he marched in the Aurora Pride parade.

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