Illinois Officially Becomes 16th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

Image via PASSPORT

Image via PASSPORT

Today, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is expected to sign SB-10 into law, a bill legalizing gay marriage. Illinois becomes the 16th state to allow gays and lesbians to marry one another as of June 1, 2014 when the law takes effect. Prior to the signing, gay couples in Illinois could join in a civil union but remained excluded from the many perks of an officially sanctioned marriage.

The Illinois House of Representatives passed the bill by a slim margin (61-54) on November 5th and the Senate approved it just an hour later.

The signing ceremony takes place at 3:30PM CST in Chicago at UIC Forum of the University of Illinois. It’s the fifth time this year that gay marriage has been legalized in a state, doubling the previous count and coming next in line after Rhode Island, Delaware, Hawaii and Minnesota. Gay right activists look forward to many more such moments to come. Next up? Perhaps Indiana and Oregon, speculates The Washington Times. 

Congratulations, Illinois!


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