Important Events in Support of LGBT Rights in Ohio

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Important things are happening in Ohio right now as civil rights groups respond to a slew of anti-LGBT hate making national headlines.

GetEQUAL Ohio announced this morning they will hold a “Teach OUT for Equality” rally tomorrow afternoon outside private religious institution Delaware Christian School (DCS) in Delaware, Ohio. The rally comes following reports that the school principal, Gordon McDonald, deleted former student and member of the LGBT community David Emerson from the school’s history records this past summer. McDonald did so after discovering Emerson’s LGBT status on Facebook and reportedly told Emerson “You are a gross and immoral representation of my school.” He now refuses to acknowledge Emerson’s history at the school.

Emerson is a popular local radio DJ, and he plans to join GetEQUAL Ohio tomorrow from 2:45-6 p.m. outside the school, protesting the culture of harassment, bullying, and discrimination so often faced by LGBT students.

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In Chilicothe, Ohio, another development is taking place. Following the horrific viral video of a 15-year-old gay student being assaulted by his classmates, Equality Ohio plans to deliver more than 80,000 signatures from Bret Thompson’s petition to the Union-Scioto School District, calling on them to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their anti-harassment policy.

The signatures will be delivered directly to the district superintendent tomorrow by representatives from Equality Ohio, in response to the district’s continued inaction on the incident.

A town hall meeting hosted by Equality Ohio and concerned local citizens will also happen later that evening at 7 p.m. in the Ross County Educational Service Center. It will feature a panel discussion about bullying in the Ross County School system.

If you can’t make it to the rallys, at least sign the petition and support your LGBT friends in Ohio.

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