In the Future, We Could Fly from New York to London in a Half-Hour

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Gone are the days of Concorde, when passengers made a transatlantic crossing in just under four hours, but supersonic commercial jets may be making a comeback. A new plane, in a patent phase, may be able to transfer passengers from NYC to London in about a half-hour. The Skreemr was created by Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison hope to one day use technology that compresses the incoming air for engine combustion (instead of a tank on board). The technology will then propel the lightweight plane to a jaw-dropping 7,673 mph—exceeding Mach 10.

The plans so far would see the plane hold around 75 passengers.
So far the plans are far from becoming a reality for customers, but other airlines are gaging the safety and profitability of bringing back supersonic travel. Boeing has plans for a Concorde 2 that may get passengers from NYC to London in about one hour.
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