In the Trenches on the New Musical “Yank!” with Joe Zellnik

Joe Zellnik, the York Theatre 2010. Image via Joe Zellnik.

Our lucky editor over at the Broadway Blog, Tom Mizer, had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with the charming and talented Joe Zellnik.

Joseph Zellnik is an accomplished composer and author. His musical Yank! (co-written with his brother David Zellnik) tells the story of a World War II soldier falling in love with a fellow member of his platoon while facing the realities of battle. After working its way through multiple productions and readings (including an acclaimed run at The York Theatre Company in Manhattan), Yank! is slated for a fall developmental workshop in New York, under the auspices of the Old Globe and directed by David Cromer (The House of Blue Leaves), with an eye toward the 2012 Broadway season.

With highly appropriate big band music playing in the background, we recently met over happy hour cocktails to discuss the newest draft of Yank!, commiserate about the highs and lows of writing music theater…and get to the bottom of what composers really think about us lyricists.

Read what happens when Mizer and Zellnik get together over at the Broadway Blog

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