In the VIP Lounge with Davey Wavey

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

It began as a fun video blog, documenting a move from Washington D.C. to Toronto in 2007, but after Davey Wavey described in his 14th video how he’d caught his twink neighbor masturbating, he received several million views, and a shirtless YouTube sensation was born. Almost 600 videos and more than 150 million video views later, his is the biggest LGBT topic channel on YouTube. Making YouTube videos is now Davey Wavey’s full-time profession. Thanks to his cyber-celebrity status, he’s walked a runway show in Vienna for Jean Paul Gaultier, climbed volcanoes in Hawaii, rode an elephant in Thailand, and rocked a kippah while visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He’s also the cover model of the current Spartacus International Gay Travel Guide and has just embarked on an eight-city World Tour. But what does the world, and the World Wide Web, have in-store for Davey Wavey next?

You’re on the cover of the current Spartacus International Gay Travel Guide. Have you personally done a lot of international traveling?
Considering most Americans don’t even own a passport, I think I do all right! Traveling to different cities gives me new and interesting material for my YouTube videos. More than just sharing the sights, sounds, and flavors of various destinations, I love that the YouTube medium allows me to feature the personalities of the people who live there. That’s why I do so much traveling.

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