In the VIP Lounge with Patrik Ian Polk

Photo by Toni Smallaigic

Photo by Toni Smallaigic

Possibly best known for the LOGO seriesNoah’s Arc, which infused a healthy dose of diversity into a racy, Queer As Folk–style ensemble dramedy, openly gay writer-director Patrik Ian-Polk truly landed a coup when Oscar-winner Mo’Nique signed on to co-produce and co-star in his moving 2014 LGBT film, Blackbird. Mo’Nique plays the devoutly religious mother of a gay teenage son (out-newcomer Julian Walker) struggling to accept his sexuality and a less-than-ideal family situation.

A native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Polk graduated from the University of Southern California’s film school before landing a gig as production executive at Edmonds Entertainment. Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and his wife Tracey as executive producers, Polk made his feature debut with Punks, a zingy 2000 comedy hailed as a gay, black Waiting to Exhale/Broken Hearts Club.

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