In Wake of Orlando, Gay Bars Heighten Security

Photo via Passport Magazine
Photo via Passport Magazine

Gay bars and nightclubs are seeing an uptick in attendance and new security measures in the wake of the Orlando shootings, according to a new report by USA Today.

“It showed that we’re not going to live in fear,” says Randy Long, owner of Denver’s own Boyztown, a gay bar. “We’ve had to keep fighting for a lot in the gay community,” he told USA Today.

Long told reporters that working closely with local police, Denver’s Pride weekend went off without a hitch. In fact, a new security presence helped drive new customers out in solidarity.

“It was packed, you couldn’t hardly even move on the patio,” Long said.

In Greenwich Village, just across the way from the famous Stonewall Inn, Monster implemented new security measures like the use of “metal detector wands” and bag checks. This reporter can attest to a particularly packed house at Monster this last week, in a place where community is finally finding an app-less meeting ground.

“We’re just trying to stay positive and not let the fear take over,” says Rodrigo Dasilva, manager of the Monster.

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