Indian Film Banned for ‘Glorifying’ Gay Relationships Finally Allowed to be Shown

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) relented in allowing a Malayalam film to be shown after it originally banned the movie for glorifying a “homosexual relationship.”  The film Ka Bodyscapes was submitted to the government office over two years ago, and filmmaker Jayan Cherian originally received a letter asking for him to make changes.

“The film was first submitted to the CBFC in Thiruvanthapuram in April last year, but they refused to certify it, as did the Revising Committee in Chennai,” Cherian said. “I then approached the High Court, where the judge asked the CBFC to certify the film in 30 days. However, the CBFC chose to ignore the judgment and filed an appeal, stating that the case should have been addressed by a bench with more than one judge. In December 2016, the two-judge bench dismissed that appeal and asked them to certify the film in 90 days. But that too was overlooked by the CBFC,” the filmmaker said. Then, a Second Revising Committee wouldn’t certify it.

Pahlaj Nihalani, who was the government appointed chairperson of the CBFC when the film was first submitted, recently vacated his position. This, according to the filmmakers, resulted in the board finally approving the film to be shown.

“We think Mr Nihalani is wrong in not certifying Ka Bodyscapes. Because of such narrow-minded views of social realities the CBFC is acquiring the reputation of being bigoted and homophobic,” a CBFC board member told Bollywood Hungama. “As per the honourable court’s orders we saw Ka Bodyscapes again at Thiruvanthipuram on July 28. Most of us were of the opinion that the CBFC’s decision to ban the film is wrong,” the CBFC board said.

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