Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law Cost State Over $60 Million

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Governor Mike Pence Signed the Anti-Gay Bill into Law. Image via Facebook

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act, which prompted national outrage, has cost the state over $60 million, particularly in hotel profits, tax revenues, and economic benefits, a tourism board survey leaked to the Associated Press said. Visit Indy asked 12 out-of-state groups of if the discriminatory law made them decide to hold their events in a different state, and the answers showed that many companies felt uncomfortable holding an event in a state that can legally discriminate against LGBT people.

“They proactively cited (the law) as a reason they did not select Indianapolis,” said Chris Gahl, vice president of marketing and communications for Visit Indy. “That is not news you want to hear when you are in the business of marketing a city.”

Studies have consistently showed that the most economic growth both in the tourism sector and economic development happen in states where LGBT rights are protected. [AP]


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