Injunction Saves Brenda Namigadde From Deportation

Last week, we told about Brenda Namigadde, a lesbian who was facing deportation from the UK to Uganda, only days after the death of gay rights activist David Kato. In a last ditch effort, men and women around the world worked tirelessly to prevent her deportation. Despite this, Namigadde was placed on a 9:20 P.M. flight to Uganda. Miraculously, an injunction stopped her deportation and she was taken off the plane just before takeoff. From All Out:

On Wednesday, Brenda will have her asylum claim revisited – the court will decide once and for all to approve or deny her request to live openly and freely in the UK. The situation looks positive with many supporters emerging in her defense, but until Wednesday we’ll be keeping the pressure on Theresa May and the UK government to live up to its promise to prioritize LGBT asylum claims.

As Brenda’s story unfolds, alarming news is also emerging about the haphazard, and sometimes downright offensive, ways that LGBT asylum cases are processed. It has now been revealed, for example, that Brenda’s original asylum claim was rejected because a judge deemed it odd that Brenda didn’t read or own “gay magazines.” The deeper we dig, the clearer it becomes that the system designed to protect people fleeing persecution is terribly broken and demands our attention.

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