International LGBT Bookstores that Keep Queer Literature and Communities Alive

The death knell of the local queer bookstore has been heard around the world, with many mourning this cultural loss as store after store has shut down, but as Mark Twain once quipped, “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Though diminished in number because of big box stores, Amazon, and assimilation into the mainstream, a handful of queer bookstores continue to do what they do best: offer up great gay literature and provide spaces for queer people to meet, mingle, and even crochet. Innovation and reinvention for a new era are hallmarks for these flaming phoenixes, aiming to thrive, not just survive, while maintaining the quirky edge that sets them apart from traditional literary outlets. For LGBTQ travelers, these bookstores are gems for connecting with local queer history, current things to do, and regional writers and artists. You can also put down the Grindr and Scruff for some old school, face-to-face cruising. To satisfy your literary lusts, here’s Passport’s global guide for bookish queer travelers.

Find out some of our favorites over at Passport magazine online…

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