Ireland Follows UK Lead and Sets Bill in Motion to Pardon Men Convicted of Same-Sex Activity

The Irish Legal Times says that the country will pardon gay and bisexual men that were convicted in Ireland for sexual offenses after a major hurdle had been cleared. The bill, titled Convictions for Certain Sexual Offences (Apology and Exoneration), was introduced by Senator Gerald Nash follows a similar bill that past in Northern Ireland and the UK.
While it hasn’t become official quite yet, it did pass a second stage, after the government agreed that it wouldn’t oppose such a bill. But Minister David Stanton and the Department of Justice fear that the bill would also apologize and exonerate those were also convicted “on-consensual same-sex sexual acts.”
Mr. Stanton, though, said, “Despite the concerns expressed, the Government does not, of course, oppose the principle of this Bill. These issues are raised simply to highlight the areas which the Government believes require further consideration if the Bill is to achieve its purpose and not have unintended consequences.”
In the past few years Ireland has become a world example in the treatment of the LGBT community: Ireland became one of the few countries to end a lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men, implemented a new gender-identity law, banned religious exemptions in hiring, and, of course, advance gay and lesbian marriage.
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