Irish Couple of 50 Years Supports Gay Marriage in Ireland in New Video

Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

Citing the Northern Ireland’s civil rights movement in the 60s, this lovely couple who has been married for over 50 years, is urging Irish people to vote “Yes” on the country’s upcoming marriage referendum video. As part of the #VoteWithUs campaign, Brighid and Paddy from Dundalk tells the Irish population that they hope that their grandchildren, from the playground to the law, are “protected and treated as equals.” The two also say that voting yes is the Christian thing to do.  “Twenty years ago I probably would have voted no. But now that I know gay people and see the love and joy they can bring to life, I will be voting yes,” Paddy says. “We worked hard for civil rights in Northern Ireland in the Sixties. Now it is time to support civil rights in the South,” he adds.

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