Irish TV Star Makes History By Proposing to His Boyfriend on Live TV

Screen Shot via TV3

Alan Hughes Proposes to Karl Broderick. Screen Shot via TV3

Chances are those of us not in Ireland won’t know who TV3’s Alan Hughes is, but the wildly popular and openly gay AM star became one of the first openly gay men to propose to his boyfriend Karl Broderick on live television. The proposal left his now fiance in utter shock on the morning show.

The two were on of the first high-profile couples to receive a civil union nearly three years, but after the marriage equality law became official, the host said he couldn’t wait to make it even more official and to show LGBT youths that there is nothing wrong with being who they are.

“I just thought this is the perfect time to tell Karl how much I actually love him,” he said. “He proposed to me after I won Celebrity Salon and we became civil partners but now that we can be legally married in the eyes of the law, we didn’t want to wait,” he continued. “I thought that was horrible and I wanted to show other gay people that if we’re able to propose live on TV, maybe then they’ll have the courage to come out to their mam or dad or their friends. They were just horrible statistics to see.”

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