Is This What JetBlue Calls an “All You Can Jet Pass”?

Image via JetBlue.

This year’s BluePass is extremely limited compared to last year’s two options. What we’re they thinking? On the positive side, you will have more time to travel, the passes can be used for three months (August 22-November 22). The bad news is, the options this year have fliers outside the Los Angeles and Boston area shaking their heads. There is a $2,000 package that allows you to fly anywhere JetBlue goes, but you have to start in Boston. A $1,500 flies to 13 different cities on the East Coast, but once again you have to start in Boston. The third, for $1,300, flies to nine cities on the West Coast, but you have to start in Long Beach.

For New York’s hometown airline, you’d think they have something for the Tri-State area.

If you’re interested, you can click here to get your passes.

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