An Island You May Have Never Heard of May Be the New Go-To Gay and Lesbian Wedding Destination

The small island of Alderney, population 2,000, has become the latest part of the globe to pass gay and lesbian marriage. The British Crown Dependency in the northernmost Channel island voted in favor of marriage equality in a vote of nine to one. The bill will officially be sent to Queen Elizabeth II to sign into law.

Gay couples are already signing up to marry. Locals Dits Preece and Alan Jones have been together for 15 years and have waited for this moment to marry in their home.

“All we have wanted is to be able to do what everyone else on Alderney is able to do – get married, and invite all our friends to our wedding,” they said, “We plan to get married the same week as the legislation comes into force and then plan for a big wedding. We can’t wait.”

From the small-village vibe of the capital, Saint Anne, to the endless coast dotted with forts and castles, we can see the island capitalizing on same-sex marriage majorly.


alderney gay marriage

Alderney coast

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