It Takes Two to Tango: NYPD Cop Dirty Dances at NYC Pride

Photo via Youtube (Paige Ponzeca)

Photo via Youtube (Paige Ponzeca)

After Friday’s landmark SCOTUS ruling, which legalized same-sex marriage across all fifty states, New York City Pride was bound to have one the best parades of the year, and by the looks if it, everyone was getting into the spirit.

The now-viral video that’s making rounds on the Web, titled, “NYPD gets down during NYC pride,” depicts a hunky NYPD officer bumping and grinding with a marcher during Sunday’s Pride festivities.

Aaron Santis, the purple-shirted Casanova himself, told Buzzfeed News that his efforts to dance up on cops had been unreciprocated all day until he met an NYPD officer who was ready to tango.

“I didn’t expect him to get into it as much as he did,” Santis said. “The crowd just loved it and I think it made him want to dance more.”

Following their dance, Santis left the officer with a kiss on the cheek before marching on.

“It was such a fun moment. He was such a good sport and I’m so glad he decided to dance.”

Watch the video after the jump…

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