Italian Cocktail Goes Viral After Emma D’Arcy Seduces The Internet

Italian Cocktail Goes Viral After Emma D’Arcy Seduces The Internet

A clip of the House of the Dragon cast members has gone viral in recent weeks after non-binary actor Emma D’Arcy seductively told a cast mate their drink of choice in a press interview. But it’s not the drink everyone is freaking out about as much as it is the smooth and nonchalant way Emma says it. See for yourself.


I’ll take one of each. #houseofthedragon

♬ a negroni sbagliato w prosecco l hbo max – hbomax

The drink? An Italian negroni…sbagliato…with prosecco in it. Yep, Emma likes it their way and everyone else does too. On TikTok and Instagram, people have used soundbites of Emma’s answer to this seemingly innocuous question paired with a video of their jaw dropping reaction. It has even become a trend that bisexual women are those falling hardest for Emma in the video.

Even bartenders have hopped on the trend joking that the negroni sbagliato with prosecco has been in high demand since the clip went viral. But naturally, we all have to try it right? What even is it anyway? 

Put simply it’s a negroni with prosecco instead of the usual gin. A switch up, a mistaken ingredient of sorts, or what they would call in Italian, “sbagliato,” which loosely translates to being mistaken, wrong or messed up! 

Make one at home and see if you feel as cool and attractive as the House of Dragon actor seems. You probably won’t, but it’s worth a try. 

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