Jamaican Reggae Star Pleads for Forgiveness Because of His Offensive, Homophobic Lyrics

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The Jamaican reggae star known as Beenie Man apologized to the gay and lesbian community for his hate-filled lyrics. The reggae star pleads for forgiveness in his YouTube video after releasing songs that included lyrics that encouraged the violent killing of gays and lesbians.  Hang chi chi gal wid a long piece of rope” and “Tek a bazooka and kill batty-fucker,” are just two of the many homophobic things he has said.

There is no one in this world that is the same as they were 20 years ago – I know I am not. I was a kid and I come from Waterhouse, which is a small community. I never knew what the world is like and what the world is all about. But now I know that people live in this world that they live their life differently from my life. I still have to respect and love human beings. [Guardian]

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