Jennifer Aniston Takes Flight Expectations to New Heights in New Ad

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

The Gulf airline, Emirates, is bringing back the golden age of air travel. In their recent commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston, they display their newly added amenities for their first-class customers; showers and bars. That’s right, you can now board an Emirates plane, grab a martini, and head off to your decked-out shower.

The ad begins with Aniston, clad in a bathrobe with a loofah, going up to who appear to be some US-based airline flight attendants asking for directions to the showers. It only takes a second before the flight attendants burst out laughing exclaiming in a snotty tone that “there are no showers here, ma’am.” Fear not, for it turns out to only be a dream when Aniston wakes up on her plush bed and heads to the bar for a cocktail.

It doesn’t appear amusing for all parties involved in this development though. The three big U.S. airlines (United, American, and Delta) have asked the Federal Government to prevent any additional flights to the United States from the three big Gulf airlines (Emirates, Etidad, and Qatar). “American, United and Delta have urged the U.S. government to confront the United Arab Emirates and Qatar governments over subsidies they say have been received by Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways, giving the Gulf carriers an unfair advantage,” Aviation wrote.

Customers traveling from the United States to places that the Gulf airlines frequent are choosing to fly with airlines such as Emirates for their commodities and services that the American companies can’t compete with, leaving US airlines a smaller pool of customers.

Check out the commercial below…

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