Jennifer Saunders Confirms ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie is in the Works Dahling!

Image via BBC.

Image via BBC.

Sweetie, Dahling! Grab a pack of smokes and a good bottle of Bollinger and get ready for a movie version of the hit British comedy  Absolutely Fabulous. While out on the road promoting her book BonkersJennifer Saunders revealed to Gay Times that she is all for either a movie version or a return to television, but says her partner-in-crime Patsy Joanna Lumley is gung-ho about a movie version.

Well Joanna really wants a film. I don’t think she’s up for a TV series. I think she wants… “Lovely film, South of France, darling. Lovely film in the South of France.” I’ve just got to think of a really, really good plot because that’s where films fall down, when they haven’t quite got the plot worked out and it’s just a series of sketches. Really good plot. Really good actors. And a fucking good lighting/camera man.


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