‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Calls Out ‘Anti-Gay’ GOP

Photo via gop.gov
Photo via gop.gov

Gay journalist Louis Virtel is not pleased after an image of himself popped up in an unlikely place: a blog belonging to the U.S. House Republicans.

In what Slate calls a “sad attempt to be cute and hip with the kids,” the GOP used a GIF of Virtel, snapping in a sassy fashion on a May episode of Jeopardy!, to encourage younger folk to tune in to their State of the Union coverage last night, called #SnapOfTheUnion.

Virtel, who is openly gay, is no supporter of the Republican Party, and was unhappy to see his image attributed to GOP support.

“As a kid growing up in the suburbs who venerated everything about ‘Jeopardy!’, I would’ve loved seeing an expressive gay contestant own his homosexuality as well as the buzzer,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’ll never get that chance again, but I take some comfort in having exhibited my sexual orientation through a few glaring clues.”

Maybe next time, GOP.

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