Jesse Eisenberg Tells Off Anti-Gay Christians at London Pride

Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Jesse Eisenberg – now starring in new play The Spoils at Trafalgar Studios, which he also wrote – was presumably on his way to work when he whirred by a group of anti-gay naysayers on his bike at London Pride.

Wielding signs that read warnings like, “Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul,” a preacher spoke into his megaphone about gay “criminals” that no longer face reproach, and the Batman v Superman star was not having it.

When one protester asked the actor if his mind was closed, he replied, scoffing: “Is my mind closed? You are so f**ked up.”

He proceeds to ride away in defiance, which we’d also recommend as an exit tactic for those encountering Christian bigots.

The ever-present pockets of bigotry at these sort of Pride events, yet again, failed to sully the day. A number of stars and government officials came out in support of the LGBT community over the weekend, including AbFab’s Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, Love Without Boundaries’ Jake Graf, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and more. But what really stole the show this year was an unexpected marriage proposal between two on-duty police officers, right in the middle of the parade. Cheers, boys!

Watch Jesse Eisenberg school anti-gay protestors in the video, below, via Joel Franco:

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