Jill Biden Calls for Acceptance of Gays and Lesbians

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Image via Facebook.

In a speech on Friday, Second Lady Jill Biden called for support for gays and lesbians, in particular, LGBT youth. “There is a direct connection between acceptance and positive, healthy outcomes in every important area of life, including education, mental health, and physical health,” Biden said at PFLAG’s 2011 national convention. Anti-gay bullying is an important issue for the Second Lady who is an educator herself at Northern Virginia Community College.

“For children who are struggling with understanding their sexual orientation or gender identity, the teen years can be particularly challenging,” Biden said. “And, of course, kids are not always kind to each other during these times, especially when one of them is different.”

From first-hand observations with her students, Biden believes that the most important thing parents and educators can do is to instill confidence in troubled youths. According to the Washington Blade, Biden said “no child should be subjected” to the kind of bullying that would lead them to commit suicide and “no parent should suffer that horrific loss.”

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