John Waters Talks ‘Serial Mom,’ Donald Trump, and his Favorite Spots in Provincetown with ‘Passport’

A gay national treasure, film-maker John Waters has brought us campy, shocking, subversive, imminently quotable and iconic works including Pink Flamingo’s (1972), Female Trouble (1974), Polyester(1981), A Dirty Shame (2004), and Serial Mom (1994), the latter of which received a souped-up Blu-ray release in May 2017. His inadvertent mainstream breakthrough, 1988’s Hairspray, is the gift that keeps on giving, spawning a Tony-winning Broadway musical, a 2007 movie adaptation, and 2016’s all-star Hairspray Live! telecast.

The Baltimore-raised Waters also authored a string of hysterically funny, bestselling books, including this year’s Make Trouble and 2015’s hitchhiking diary Carsick among them. His live one-man engagements around the country are deliciously raucous and un-PC. He’s appeared onscreen in numerous documentaries, TV shows, and films, too, most recently FOX’s acclaimed first season of Feud, playing one of his idols, famed movie schlock/gimmick-meister, William Castle.

Happily partnered and working on another book, tentatively titled Mr. Know It All, Waters joined us in the VIP lounge for some dish about his films, the Trumps, Baltimore, and some other global spots.

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