Jordan’s Recently Shuttered LGBT Publication is in Online Battle with Government

Jordan’s only online LGBT magazine My.Kali recently shutdown and now faces a complaint from government officials for “promoting homosexuality” according to Pink News.

MP Dima Tahboub, who lodged the complaint against them, said in an interview, “We regard gays from a moral and religious perspective, that they are a community who is completely rejected, alien to our religion and tradition and the Jordanian people’s cultural norms.” She also said that even though she does not want to treat gays as criminals but they should respect “what is normal in Jordan”

Since the complaint was launched the editor of My.Kali has received death threats. Spokesperson Jamaal Jones said “The fierce and inciteful media attacked the websit and all what it represents, along with frightening comments on social media, which were centered around hate, death threats and physical abuse by people who could identify Khalid Abdel Hadi, editor-in-chief and the founder of My.Kali.”

My.Kali was keeping within the law by publishing as an e-magazine since it is illegal to publish LGBT print media. They released a statement on Twitter with some translation on Pink News saying that they were not “promoting sexuality” but “representing marginalized voices.”

The e-magazine’s covered Middle Eastern LGBT artists including novelists, musicians, and photographers and social issues in the Middle East like being sexual and making a relationship work.

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