Justin Trudeau Names Randy Boissonnault New LGBTQ Special Advisor

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just appointed Randy Boissonnault special advisor on LGBTQ issues. Boissonnault, a Liberal member of Parliament, is also the first first openly gay MP elected in Alberta. This appointment comes just as Canada is considering new legislation that would repeal the current ban on anal sex. The Liberal government wants to repeal what it calls a “discriminatory” law that makes it illegal to have anal sex under the age of 18, except between a husband and wife. Right now, the age of consent for sexual activity is 16, but the Criminal Code prohibits anal intercourse for people under the age 18 unless they are heterosexual and married.

This case is one of many LGBT issues Boissonnault will address in his new post. “I’m heading into this with the express interest of getting this right, but also building for the future,” he said in a press conference. Trudeau, who is famously liberal and LGBT-friendly, stated, “We have made great strides in securing legal rights for the LGBTQ2 community in Canada, from enshrining equality rights in the Charter to the passage of the Civil Marriage Act. But the fight to end discrimination is not over and a lot of hard work still needs to be done.”

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