Kathy Griffin Returns for a Second Season on Bravo

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There is a lot of good news these past few weeks for the famously outspoken red head, Kathy Griffin. First her Bravo comedy special “Kathy Griffin: Tired Hooker,” earned her an Emmy nod and now Bravo has announced that they have given the green light for a second season for her primetime talk show “Kathy.” Each episode of the show features Kathy Griffin and a panel of common folk and celebrities commenting on the week’s most talked about moments, and no public figure is off limits from Kathy and her crew. Celebrity guests from season one included Sharon Osbourne, Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings and Jimmy Kimmel. You can watch some of the best moments by clicking here.

“Look, I don’t know what the hell’s gonna happen in season two of ‘Kathy,’ I’m still sore from season one,” said Griffin.  “It’s kind of like ‘not Martha Stewart’ meets ‘Not at all Ellen’ meets a lot of negative energy. Last season, I had every one on my couch from Jane Fonda to Chelsea Handler to Anderson Cooper to my dog walker. Just sit back and laugh. I’ll do all the embarrassing stuff….oh, and I’m nominated for an EMMY”

That’s not all the good news. The celebrity basher is getting ready for another Bravo one-hour comedy special, “Kathy Griffin: Seaman 1st Class” that is set to air tonight at 10:00 P.M.


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