Kenneth Cole’s ‘The Courageous Class’ Campaign Takes Brand Back to Its Activist Roots

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

For the past 32 years, the Kenneth Cole brand has pushed the boundaries in activist campaigning. When the AIDS epidemic swept America, he built his campaigns around raising awareness hoping to inspire a generation to take progressive action.

Now, with the current generation and new social causes in need of greater public attention, the brand is hoping to add to their activist repertoire, and along with HIV/AIDS awareness, motivate global acceptance and solidarity with “The Courageous Class.”

This new campaign is a platform for real-life heroes of today to call attention to the social pressures that effect people today. Media spending is up by 25% from last year and with a plan to brand in print, digital, and social media the movement and message can only get stronger. With transgender model and activist, Andreja Pejic, as one of the new faces and political figures behind Kenneth Cole’s recent fall launch, the brand takes a new step forward in the world of activist campaigning. [Adweek]

Be sure to check out Andreja Pejic’s video for Kenneth Cole after the jump.

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