Kids Agree ‘All Dreams Are Equal’ in Esurance #EqualDreams Video

Photo via Esurance

Photo via Esurance

“Sometimes children can make complex issues so simple,” says Brian Shembeda, EVP and Creative Director at Leo Burnett Chicago. “Their words, as heard in the video, help us understand why equality is important. Because all children deserve the same right to pursue their dreams.”

“#EqualDreams,” an adorable short film and homage to marriage equality, coincides with Esurance’s long-standing loyalty to its LGBT clientele by illustrating, in a series of vignettes, that all dreams are equal, no matter who their dreamer may be. The short, set at a Chicago wedding, features young attendees who sound off on their imaginative musings over what their own wedding day may be like.

“At my wedding, all my friends and family and my doggies, and my friends and family’s doggies, and my cousin’s doggies, will be there,” says Ruby, a young, smiley attendee sporting a frilly pink bow and sparkly pink nails. “And it’s gonna be the best day of my life.”

With a toothy grin, another attendee, a young boy, says, “When I kiss the bride, it’s gonna both be exciting and disgusting.”

But other, older interviewees weren’t always so hopeful that wedding bells would be chiming in their futures.

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“When I was younger, having a wedding wasn’t really part of my future, because I knew that I was different, and I didn’t see anyone around me who was like me,” remarks Shannon, a gay teen. “I just couldn’t picture it.”

“We created this online film to show, in an emotionally compelling way, our belief that all dreams should be equal,” said Esurance Chief Marketing Officer Alan Gellman. “But it’s not just a belief. As a modern company, we act on that belief that through our products and insurance offerings.”

And Esurance really does practice what they preach. In every state where couples traditionally enjoy reduced, married rates, the auto insurance provider “extends that married rate to either married gay couples, domestic partners, or those in civil unions —  even in states that do not allow same-sex marriage,” and has been doing so for more than four years.

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