Kinsey Sicks’ New Video and Presidential Tour

Screen Cap via YouTube.

America’s favorite parody-singing drag group is back, and they aren’t holding back against the GOPs latest ridiculousness. The Kinsey Sicks have released a song dedicated to the one-and-only, extreme pro-lifer Todd Akin. Check out the hilarious video after the jump and check out where you can catch the girls on their election tour.

Pittsburgh, PA – Sep 6-9
America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet makes 5 campaign stops in America’s Most Livable City! Catch “Electile Dysfunction” with The Kinseys, in their triumphant return to the fabulous City Theatre. Tickets on sale here.

Wichita, KS – Sep 21
“Electile Dysfunction” comes to the heartland. Showtime is 7:00 at the Mary Jane Teall Theatre at the Century II Convention Center. This performance benefits MCC of Wichita. Get your tickets at Wichita TIX.

Chicago, IL – Oct 19
The Kinseys bring “Electile Dysfunction” to Chicago’s Mayne Stage. Curtain times are 7:30 and 10. Click to get your tickets for the 7:30pm show or 10:00pm show.

Tampa – Oct 25
The Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival presents The Kinseys in “Electile Dysfunction” soon after the 23rd annual film fest. For tickets go to Ticketmaster.

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