‘Kiss-in’ at Sainsbury’s Planned After Gay Couple Thrown Out

A British gay couple left “humiliated” after being chastised for holding hands in a Sainsbury’s grocery is igniting a “big gay kiss-in” in the now-infamous Hackney store.

Thomas Rees and his boyfriend Josh were shopping for groceries and holding hands, as people do, when a security guard flagged them and told the two to leave the premises. Outside, the guard told them that a female shopper had been disturbed by their “inappropriate” touching of hands.

The offer of a £10 gift card wasn’t going to put these two to in a corner. After Rees shared what had happened with friends via Twitter, the rumblings of a peaceful “kiss-in” were met with phenomenal reach and an outpouring of support for the couple.

Huck Magazine‘s Michael Segalov rallied his friends together for this peaceful sit-in, writing on Facebook: “In a year that’s seen attacks all too often on the LGBT community, it’s high time that Sainsbury’s – with profits over £500 million this year – put their money where their mouths are and use their resources to ensure that homophobia becomes a thing of the past. A £10 voucher just doesn’t cut it.

“Come down to Sainsbury’s at 7pm this Saturday: hold hands, pucker up, and tell Sainsbury’s enough is enough.”

So, head on down to Sainsbury’s tomorrow, preferably with someone you wouldn’t mind smooching in the produce aisle! We salute you, boys.

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