Lance Bass Discovers He’s Related to Britney Spears

Lance Bass Discovers He’s Related to Britney Spears

Today, on a newly-released episode of Ancestry’s YouTube series, Two Lies and a Leaf, former *NSYNC member Lance Bass discovered that he is actually related to pop icon Britney Spears. The show makes contestants guess facts about their past heritage and family lineage, all of which have been uncovered by the expert historians at

In the newest episode, Lance Bass battles it out against his husband, Michael Turchin. In the game’s final question it’s revealed that Bass is actually related to one of three famous musicians: Faith Hill, Britney Spears, or Elvis. Both Bass and Turchin had to guess which celebrity Lance is related to…and it was ultimately revealed to be Britney Spears. She is Lance Bass’ 6th cousin, once removed, and both share the same relative, Esau Bass, who lived from 1770-1856.

In fact, the family lineage even shows that the Britney Spears’ family name was Bass up until about the 1840s or 50s when Zelpha Bass (Spears’ 4th great-grandma) married and changed her name. Later in the episode, Lance Bass even revealed that he and Britney Spears grew up only about an hour away from each other, with Bass being from Laurel, Mississippi, and Spears being from the nearby town of McComb, which makes sense now that it’s revealed they come from the same family.

After discovering the link between Bass and Spears, Lisa Elzey, a family historian at Ancestry stated, “What I love about Ancestry is that it makes amazing discoveries like this possible for so many people while bringing families closer together in the process. Whether you’re growing your family like Lance and Michael or reuniting with loved ones for the holidays, exploring your shared family history can help build more meaningful connections and stronger bonds with one another.”

For more information on Ancestry and the heritage and lineage services they offer, visit their website.


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