Landmark London LGBT Bar Royal Vauxhall Tavern Saved

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern has seen its fair share of drama on the stage during its weekly raucous parties, but its backstage drama has been making the news for the last two years. The famous cabaret bar in London has been going through tons of changes with battles of ownership. A company called Faucet Inns attempted to buy the club last year (the same company that has already closed a gay bar in London). Campaigners fought against the straight takeover, and they won by securing that the space remain a protected mixed nightclub, bar, and performance space.

Now, the venue has secured a 20-year lease with the property company—replacing a short-term lease.

“We remain committed to ensuring the preservation of our history and culture,” James Lindsay, the CEO of the RVT, said. “We’ll continue to offer the same diverse program, continuing the vibrancy and success of the RVT. We hope the RVT continues to be the bedrock of the LGBTQI+ scene as a space that is created by its community for its community.”

Despite this victory, the bar could still be sold in the future to different owners.


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