Largest New Zealand Secret Santa Has Nearly 2,000 Kiwis Receiving Holiday Presents

It’s been a tough year for New Zealand, after suffering one of their worst earthquakes in ages the country is coming together like never before. What began in 2010 as an experiment, A New Zealand man began a Secret Santa exchange in which one Twitter user was another another user. This year, the New Zealand Post took control of the organizing and so far 2,000 people have signed up for Secret Santa. Those who have the holiday spirit will have till December 4 to send $10 gifts that will be sent anonymously to the selected recipient.

So what do you buy a complete stranger? All you have to do is some stalking on Twitter. You’ll receive the person’s social-media handle in order to see his or her interests. “I know most of my recent tweets are about earthquakes. Please don’t get me another earthquake,” one user said. [Cnet]

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