Leonard Nimoy, Famous for Playing Spock on ‘Star Trek’ Dies

Image via s_bukley
Image via s_bukley

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who is most famous for portraying pointy-eared Spock on Star Trek, has died at the age of 83. During his just three seasons as the Vulcan science officer and first officer, Nimoy made the “Live long and prosper” gesture and line into a worldwide phenomenon. Nimoy embraced his role as Spock, attending fan expos, writing two autobiographies, and reprising his role in the series’ recent big-screen reboot.

Nimoy, despite not attending his costar George Takei’s wedding to his partner, discussed his support for same-sex marriage. Saying to Zap2Zit: “Absolutely NO on Prop 8 because I believe that gay people have every right to get married and share their lives. George and Brad have been together for many years. They have every right to be together in any way they choose. Prop 8 is completely unjust.”

Check out the New York Times obituary that expertly covers this fascinating man’s life and legacy. 

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