Lesbian Annise Parker Wins Houston Mayoral Election!

Houston’s first openly-gay elected official Annise Parker (D) has just become the first lesbian mayor of a major US city. The former City Controller beat former City Attorney Gene Locke (D) in a long awaited run-off election, today.

Although both candidates are Democrats, Parker was popular with voters because she has over 20 years of experience in politics and has a financial plan that, many believe, can help Houston in this difficult economic climate.

Unfortunately, Parker was subjected to numerous homophobic remarks during her candidacy. Conservative activist Steven Hotze sent out a mailer telling voters they should vote for Locke because Parker was endorsed by Houston’s GLBT Caucus. Locke drew criticism for seeking the endorsement of Hotze, who is notorious for being anti-gay. [CHRON]

To read our report on the new mayor click here.

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