Lesbian Couple Crying Foul After Being Told to Stop Kissing at a Mariners Game

A lesbian couple is calling foul after they were allegedly kicked out of a Seattle Mariners game for “being affectionate.” Giuliana Garcia and Calista Nabors say after they locked lips that an usher approached them, and told them to stop smooching or get kicked out. “We were just approached by a guest services representative at the #Mariners and told to stop ‘being affectionate’ because this was a ‘family friendly environment.’ AKA same-sex affection isn’t tolerated,” Garcia wrote on Instagram.

It was during the seventh inning, and the ladies immediately went to guest services, and the two say that they received a swift apology.

“After reviewing the incident and the actions of all involved, we believe our staff acted on the behavior they observed and not the orientation of the couple,” Rebecca Hale, the team’s director of public information, said in a statement. “It is unfortunate the guests feel they were singled out for their sexual orientation. The Mariners take all allegations of discrimination seriously and did an internal review of the matter. The Safeco Field Code of Conduct is intended to promote an atmosphere at the ballpark where everyone feels safe and welcome.”

The girls chatted with a local station to describe their experience. 


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