Lesbian Couple Named Prom Queen and King in Tallahassee

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

A lesbian couple made some local history when the two were announced announced as a high school’s ‘prom king and queen’ in Tallahassee, Florida. The couple, Brie Grimes, 17, was announced as prom queen and girlfriend, Lindsey Creel, 18, was announced prom king. Having been together for three years, they expressed appreciation for the openness of Leon High School, for the inclusion and acceptance they’ve received during their years there.

When talking of their relationship Brie said: “My family was not accepting nor supporting at first, but after about a year they came around.” The two teens expressed a real love for one another. “I knew I had feelings for her but everything was so hard because I didn’t know how everyone would react and I was scared of how I would be treated and how my family would react.” “I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Lindsey said that for her it was love at first sight.

Way to go ladies!

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