Lesbians from Upstate New York Donated this Year’s Rockefeller Center Tree

Upstate New York lesbian couple Lissette Gutierrez and Shirley Figueroa are to thank for this year’s gorgeous Rockefeller Center Tree. The Norway spruce, affectionately called Shelby by the couple, is a massive 72-foot 12 tons and was lit up in lights and Swarovski crystals last week.

“After we bought the house, the previous owner told us, ‘Hey, by the way, the tree in the yard? Rockefeller Center has been scouting it,’” Figueroa told NBC New York. “I didn’t believe it. Until they came knocking on the door.”

Seventy-five-year-old Shelby’s life will go on helping others. Like the past few trees before her will be donated to Habitat for Humanity where she will be used to build much-needed houses.

As for the couple, they plan on planting more trees in place of Shelby who they quip, took up a lot of space.

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