Less than 1% of Characters in Hollywood were LGBT in the Last Decade

A new study out of USC Annenberg called Inequality in 1,100 Popular Films: Examining Portrayals of Gender, Race/Ethnicity, LGBT & Disability from 2007 to 2017 found that in the last decade only 1% of all characters were LGBT.

The study, which examines many different minority groups, looked at 1,100 popular films in the last decade to extrapolate the percentage of representation for each group.

According to the study: A total of 4,403 characters were evaluated for apparent sexuality. Of those, 0.7% (n=31) were Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual. Over half of the LGB characters were Gay (51.6%), while 29% were Lesbian and 19.4% were Bisexual. In addition, there was not one transgender character who appeared across the 100 top movies of 2017. There has been no change over time in the depiction of LGBT characters on screen since 2014. Out of 400 popular films from 2014 to 2017, only one transgender character has appeared. A total of 81 films did not include one LGBT speaking character. Examining films missing LGBT females reveals that 94 movies were devoid of these characters. Over half (58.1%) of LGB characters were male and 41.9% were female. LGB characters were predominantly white (67.7%), while 32.3% were underrepresented. Only 8 characters of the 4,403 examined were LGB teens. 3 ©2018 Dr. Stacy L. Smith Of the 19 LGB characters who were shown with enough cues to evaluate this measure, only 1 was depicted as a parent or caregiver (5.3%).

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