LGBT Activists Flapping Their Wings at Anti-Gay Chick-Fil-A

Protest Signs Around WeHo. Image via PH.

As the fast-food Chick-Fil-A restaurant opened its grease-covered doors this week (even with Hollywood fanfare: Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland and tween idol Matt Prokop were in attendance), gay activists decided not to let the anti-gay restaurant’s policies go unnoticed.

A protest is planned for this Saturday. Here’s all the details from the Boycott Hollywood Chick-Fil-A: PROTEST at Store Opening Weekend! Facebook page says:

SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SUNSET AND HIGHLAND: Bring your own signs, banners, and flyers to educate the public of the virulently anti-gay policies and donations of this bigoted corporation. They actively suppress gay rights and the rights of anyone who isn’t Right-wing Christianist. A coalition of LGBT people, gay rights organizations, animal rights organizations, and other progressive, fair-minded organizations and people are forming a coalition to protest this store making MILLIONS in OUR community for their bigoted “cause”. Come one, come all – and STAND UP FOR JUSTICE, DIGNITY, and EQUALITY!!


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